In honor of National Kitchen and Bath Month, celebrated in October, Tyre Realty Group will share incredible kitchens and bathrooms this month that are sure to provide ideas for home owners in eastern North Carolina.

   This bright white bathroom we found on Pinterest is filled with light and clean lines -- just the thing for a fresh start to every day!

   Light comes streaming into the bathroom through several windows that are left uncovered (Of course, you can only do this if you don't have neighbors!). You can, however, install blinds that you can raise every day when you don't need privacy. Natural light is so much more flattering than artificial light!

   A mirror opposite the windows reflects the light. So even if you only have one small window in your bathroom, a strategically placed mirror can multiply the light your bathroom does receive.

  Further enhancing the light are the surfaces of the floor, walls, counter top and bath tub. Select high-gloss paint, shiny tile and other reflective surfaces for a similar effect.

   Notice that all of the hardware -- faucets, shower heads, knobs -- is the same matte silver. The choice adds to the serenity of the bathroom.

  The cleanliness is further enhanced by recessed lighting and a simple tub surround that echoes the window panes.

   It all works together to make this bathroom a light and clean space.

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