Tyre Realty Group Agent Emily McAllister believes every home should have a dog -- and every dog should have a home.

   That's why she's partnering with the Pitt County Animal Shelter in the month of September to waive adoption fees for any clients who write an accepted offer with her. 

   "Who would object to a big ball of love waking you up every morning and meeting you at the door every afternoon?" Emily says.

   Her inspiration for this #APuppyForAPendingSign promotion is her own dog Waylon, who she adopted from the Beaufort County Animal Shelter in January 2015.

   "I'm a firm believer that you don't really pick a dog, but rather the dog picks you," Emily says.

   "I had just moved into an apartment that allowed me to have a pet and I knew I wanted to get one, but I wanted to wait until spring when it was a little warmer. It was January at the time. I don't even get unpacked good at my new apartment and see a post on Facebook that Beaufort County had gotten in a litter of puppies. So I decided I was just going to 'go look.' (Yeah, right.)

   "The girl volunteering kept handing me puppies one by one and I finally asked her if I could just get in the kennel with the whole litter and she said that was fine. So I'm sitting on the floor criss-cross applesauce and one of the puppies climbs right up into my lap, and puts his little tiny chin on my chest with his nose looking up at me and I just said, 'Okay, you can come home with me now.'

   "I was hoping he'd stop growing at 45-50 pounds, but I ended up with a 90-pound dog who is just as happy as can be all the time. If he had any more personality I think he'd actually become a person.

   "He loves toys (plush only, no rubber), mangos (weird), and my sister's rescue dog Baylee."

   There are so many dogs like Waylon in the Greenville area who are waiting for fur-ever homes -- and so many families who are looking for their forever homes, too. Emily can help you find the house that's perfect for your family, and pay the adoption fee for the dog that will make your family complete!

    Contact Emily at 252-758-4663 or visit www.bestgreenvillenchomes.com/emily to begin your home search and find out more about her adoption promotion.

(Photos from Emily McAllister)

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