The summer rainy season just doesn't seem to end in eastern North Carolina! Do you have an umbrella holder at your front door? If you don't, you may want to get one -- quick!

 An umbrella holder is the perfect place to store your umbrella so you can grab it as you leave the house -- you never know when one of those summer thunderstorms will pop up!

 And when you return home with a wet umbrella, it provides a drip-proof storage spot that keeps your entry dry and puddle-free.

 It's also a decorative accent that visitors will see as soon as they enter your home. Select the umbrella holder that suits your home's style and your personal flair. Go traditional or modern or whimsical -- there are lots of options!

 You may have something around the house that you can re-purpose to serve as an umbrella holder: a metal trashcan or a heavy piece of pottery.

 If you don't, here are some attractive umbrella holders that you can buy locally or order from an online source. Click the link under each photo for the purchasing information:

Roman Wood Umbrella Holder

Umbrella-shaped Umbrella Holder

Woodland Umbrella Stand

Bright Orange Ceramic Umbrella Holder (also available in green)

Metal Pelican Umbrella Holder

Umbrella Holder with Drip Pan

Hand-painted Solid Wood Umbrella Holder (also available in green and yellow)

Ceramic Vine Umbrella Holder

Rectangular Steel Umbrella Holder