A garage is high on house hunters' most-wanted lists, but often a garage door is an eyesore that detracts from the home's curb appeal.

 Dressing up your garage door will make your home even more attractive to potential buyers.

 Here are some ideas:

 * At the very least, clean the garage door using a mild soap and a water hose; a power washer may seem like a great idea for this task, but it could damage the door.

 * If you have the cash, install a new, decorative garage door. Carriage doors add an historic touch, and paneled doors make an architectural statement.

 * If new garage doors aren't in the budget,  give the existing doors a fresh coat of paint.

 * Outdoor lighting is a requirement for the garage area, so why not make it attractive? Select a wall lantern or two, or pick a couple of arching "barn lights." 

 * Place matching decorative planters on either side of the door -- or, if you have double garage doors, between them. Fill the planters with flowering plants that you can switch out with the seasons. A small tree or a boxwood topiary also makes a great accent.

 * Add brackets for hanging baskets on either side of the garage door.

 * Install a pergola above the doors and plant vines or climbing plants like roses at the base.

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