Monograms are popular in Greenville, NC, and the first letter of your last name is a fun way to personalize your decor. This festive monogram wreath makes a wonderful holiday decoration and a terrific homemade gift.

This idea comes from Chelsea of She says she made the wreath in about an hour.

Since the assembly requires a hot glue gun, an adult should assist kids.


Round peppermint candies

Red Hots candies

12-inch paper mache letter (I purchased this one at JoAnn Fabric)

Red spray paint (I used ribbon Rustoleum Paint + Primer in Colonial Red Satin)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Red ribbon (I used a 20-inch piece of red, 1-1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon)

Wreath hanger (I used the metal hanger that sits over the top of a door)


1. Spray paint the letter.

2. Unwrap peppermints and place them on the letter to determine the layout.

3. Using a hot glue gun, glue peppermints into place on the letter.

4. Glue Red Hots candies where the peppermints meet.

5. Glue each end of the ribbon to the backside of the letter.

6. Make a bow with more ribbon. Carefully place hot glue in the middle of the knot and press it until it cools. This will keep the bow from easily coming undone.

7. Hang the wreath onto the hanger.Then glue the bow onto the hanger and the middle of the ribbon.

Notes: If you don’t plan on shellacking the wreath, I suggest displaying it indoors. Also, don’t hang it in hot, direct sunlight – the glue may melt.

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