How much do you need to spend on repairs before putting your Winterville or Greenville, NC, home on the market?

   Agents at Tyre Realty Group say it depends on your home's condition and how quickly you need to sell it.

   If you need relocate for a new job or have committed to buying a new house, you should do everything you can to sell your home immediately. That includes making all repairs, painting, replacing damaged carpeting, landscaping and hiring a professional to "stage" your home.

   If you have a more flexible timeline, you may not have to shell out as much money for repairs. All you need to do before listing your home is deep cleaning, de-cluttering and making a few small cosmetic changes.

  If you don't get an offer for the price you'd like, then it may be worth it to spend the money to have more extensive, expensive repairs made.

   Your Tyre Realty Group agent will be glad to look over your home and advise you.

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