This sleek and shiny autumn wreath is made from a surprising material: Thumbtacks!

   Raid your office supply closet -- or purchase boxes of gold thumbtacks at a dollar store. Then start poking them into a foam wreath so they overlap.

   You'll end up with an elegant circle that will be the perfect autumn accent on any door. Wouldn't it look fabulous on a black or navy blue door?

   The wreath's texture is reminiscent of hammered metal -- or snakeskin.

   It's easy to make, it just takes a long time.

   And be warned, the overlapping tacks make the wreath heavy. Make sure to hang it securely to your door.


6-inch foam wreath form

Several boxes of brass thumbtacks

Copper or bronze ribbon for fall (swap out the ribbon with appropriate colors for other seasons)


Start with a circle of thumbtacks around one section of the wreath form. Keep poking the tacks in and layering them on top of each other.

Use the ribbon to cover the area where the tacks meet -- it may be hard to make that transition look seamless.


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