Setting aside a designated space in your home for doing homework will help your child ease back into the school year -- and increase their productivity.

   Here are some tips from Tyre Realty Group for creating a homework station for students of any age:

   * Choose a spot in your house with few distractions -- like windows without blinds or televisions -- to help keep your son or daughter on task.

   * Select a table or desk that's the proper height for your child. Make sure there's enough surface space for spreading out projects and for opening books and notebooks at the same time. If your child uses a laptop or notebook computer, there must be desk space for the equipment and an nearby electrical outlet for plugging the computer in for charging.

   * Add some storage shelves. If you don't have built-in shelving in the space, hang a couple of wall shelves over the desk or place a freestanding bookshelf beside the desk.

   * If there isn't already sufficient light in the space, outfit the desk with a small, adjustable lamp or place a floor lamp beside the desk.

   * Install hooks near the desk for backpacks. When your child gets in the habit of hanging the backpack on the hook, it will always be at hand -- along with school books and papers.

   * Keep all the necessary homework equipment nearby: pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, notebook paper, folders, colored markers, rulers, etc. If you're using a table without a drawer, fill a box or basket with the supplies. A plastic shower caddy works well for this purpose.

   * Hang a calendar near the desk so your child can note dates of tests, project deadlines, after-school activities -- and vacations!

   * Add a cork board or string a ribbon or a piece of rope along the wall to pin or clip up artwork, invitations and A-plus test papers.

(Photo from Be True)

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