This colorful Crayon Wreath gives your front door a back-to-school vibe.

It's a great project for the kids on a rainy summer afternoon.

All you need is two wooden embroidery hoops (available from a crafting store), a fresh box of Crayons (Doesn't that unique smell take you back in time?), some ribbon and a hot glue gun.

After you create the simple wreath, you can decorate it with other school supplies -- like glue sticks and scissors and rulers -- by using hot glue to affix them to the Crayons, if you'd like.


12-inch embroidery hoop

8-inch embroidery hoop

Box of 64 crayons


Hot glue gun and glue sticks


* On your flat work surface, place the 8-inch hoop inside the 12-inch hoop with equal distance between all edges.  

* Arrange the Crayons along the 2 hoops with the sharpened edge pointing out for a sunburst effect.  

* Hot glue the Crayons to the hoops.  

* Tie a ribbon bow around the two Crayons you want at the top.  

* Create a hanger for the wreath using a length of ribbon. (Think about how low you want your wreath to hang on the door. You will need to cut the ribbon twice as long as that measurement.) Glue the cut ends of the ribbon together to make a loop. Then glue the ends of the loop to the back of the wreath.

* Hang the wreath by the loop.

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