Has your Greenville home lost its sparkle now that you've taken down the Christmas decorations?

 The room that's probably the most drab after the holidays is the family room. That shiny Christmas tree was an impressive focal point for the past couple of weeks. With the tinsel and twinkling lights packed away, it may feel dreary.

 Here are some ideas for breathing a spark into your living room in January. 

 Change the focal point. If your sofa and chairs have been placed in the best TV-watching positions, why not make the fireplace the center of attention during these cold winter months? Orienting the seating in a different way gives you a new perspective. If your sofa has been under the windows, try it on the opposite wall.

 Banish a dark corner. If the space where the Christmas tree stood looks bare now, add a potted plant with an up-light shining on it. Put an accent chair there and place a floor lamp behind it. Or move a small table to the spot and top it with a decorative lamp.

 Create a family game space for some spirited fun. Fill the bookshelf with your family's favorite games. Arrange the seating around a table for cards, board games or putting together jigsaw puzzles. If you don't have space for a game table, bring in some floor pillows and use the coffee table as your game surface.

 Decorate the fireplace mantle. The garland may be gone, but you can leave the candles. Instead of a picture above the mantle, hang a mirror to bounce light around the room. Place some silver candlesticks and prop a silver platter on the mantle for some shine.

 Make it cozy. Bring in some soft throws. Add some fluffy pillows. Install three-way bulbs or a dimmer switch so you can change the lighting to create ambiance. Use the fireplace!

Photo: This living room designed by Highgate House is elegant but cozy.

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