When you prepare your Greenville, NC, home to attract prospective buyers, don't neglect one of its biggest selling points: the garage.

 A covered or enclosed space for parking a car is a must-have for many future home buyers. A 2013 National Association of Home Builders' survey found that more than half of  prospective buyers wanted a two-car garage.

 And even buyers who may not think they want a garage may gravitate toward a space that serves more purposes than just parking a car.

 Tyre Realty Group offers these suggestions for staging your garage for showings:

 1. Empty the entire garage. This may take a day (or more) but it's essential for staging -- and helps you prepare to relocate, as well.

 2. Separate the items you've removed from the garage into three piles: toss; donate to a charity or sell at a yard sale; or keep.

 3. Now that the garage is empty, clean and freshen the interior. 

  • Sweep the floors, mop them or hose them down.
  • Remove motor oil stains on the garage floor.
  • Dust the walls and corners. Get rid of spiderwebs.
  • If the walls or cabinets look dingy, paint them. This is an opportunity to add a pop of color -- but don't go overboard.

  4. Go through your "keep" pile item by item, organizing by category: tools, gardening equipment and supplies, paint and painting supplies, sports gear, outdoor holiday decorations, camping or beach/pool supplies ...

  5. Once your items are separated, consider whether you have the proper storage systems in your garage. The goal is to get everything off the floor, if possible.

  • Put up peg boards for hanging tools; attach heavy duty hooks for suspending bikes or folding lawn furniture; add shelving, if needed.
  • You may want to re-purpose a book shelf or a chest of drawers for storage.

 6. Arrange the "keep" items in the garage.

  • Organize items by use or by season.
  • Keep the items you use most frequently within easy reach.
  • Put smaller items in labeled cardboard boxes or bins. 
  • Store all flammable items, tools and chemicals out of reach of children.

 7. Make sure there's enough lighting.

  • Replace any burned out light bulbs.
  • Install simple track lighting to brighten the space

 8. If you don't already have a smoke detector in your garage, install one.

 9. Make sure your garage door opener is working. 

 10. Oh – and don’t forget to leave plenty of room for parking the car!


 Tip: If your garage still is too cluttered, rent a storage shed while your home is on the market.

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