Which zip code is on the envelopes of the snail mail sent to the area of the country with the priciest digs?

 Forbes Magazine annually ranks the postal delivery zip codes in the United States with the highest median home prices.  (Median means "in the middle," so exactly half of the homes are worth more than the value and exactly half are worth less.)

 So where is the most costly place to purchase a home?

 Is it the ritzy "Beverly Hills 90210" California zip code made famous in the 1990's Fox TV series?

 No, that's No. 15 on the list, with a median home price of  $5,562,399.

 Is it a posh New York City enclave? Close. Ten of the 25 most expensive zip codes are in New York City. The Upper Eastside zip code 10075 is second on the list, with a median home price of $7,219,637.

 The most expensive zip code in the country is 33462. That's the postal code for Manalapan, Fla., a small, swank beachside community in Palm Beach County. The median price for a home there is a whopping $7,859,998.

 Manalapan Trivia: New Age musician Yanni lives in an oceanfront home in Manalapan, boxing promoter Don King once owned an large estate there, and portions of the 1981 film "Body Heat" starring William Hurt and Kathleen Turner were filmed in Manalapan. 

 Forbes, a leading source of reliable business news and financial information, compiled its annual list with data from Altos Research, a California-based real estate research firm.

 "Altos calculated the median home prices for more than 28,500 U.S. ZIP codes (covering 95% of the U.S. population) using asking prices for single-family homes and condominiums listed for sale," the Forbes article notes.

 Interestingly, the 25 most expensive zip codes in the county are in only five states: California, Colorado, Florida, New York and New Jersey.

 To learn about median home prices in Pitt County, N.C., contact the Tyre Realty Group.

The asking price for the Manalapan, Fla., home pictured above is $9,995,000, according to Forbes.