Add a touch of whimsy or elegance to your yard with a thoughtfully chosen garden ornament.
 A garden ornament is any outdoor decorative element that isn't a living plant, flower or tree. Outdoor accents can be as simple as a rock or as elaborate as a three-tiered fountain.
 There are so many options when it comes to decorating your garden, you should carefully consider the type, height and style of the ornaments you choose -- otherwise your garden will look junky and jumbled.
 And since the garden ornament will draw a visitor's eye, placement is important.

 Here are some tips, from Tyre Realty Group:
 Think first about the style of your garden, the vibe you want your garden to have and your personality.
 Do  you have a shady, woodland garden? A formal garden edged with boxwood? A spectacular rose garden or a patch of wildflowers?
 Would you like your garden to be a peaceful oasis or do you want to throw fun outdoor parties?
 Are you traditional or bohemian?
 Making a decision about the way you envision your garden will help you decide on the outdoor decor you include.

 Consider a collection of objects for your garden.
 Do you have a favorite animal or hobby? Have you traveled to a place with a decorative style that appeals to you? Items with a similar theme will make your garden decor cohesive and pleasing.

 Place a garden ornament where it will be seen.
 Study your landscaping to find the right location. Are there bare spots? Beds of greenery that could use a pop of color? A particular area you'd like to highlight?

 Don't clutter your garden with too many ornaments.The plants are the star of the garden, and the decorative accents should enhance the overall look of the landscaping.

Traditional garden ornaments

A garden sign

A rabbit statue

A fountain

Whimsical garden ornaments

A garden gnome

A pink flamingo

A tiki pillar

Classical garden ornaments

A sundial

St. Francis statue

An obelisk

Bohemian garden ornaments